What To Take With You

Te Moe is close to a fully furnished house, so usually all you will need to take is:

  • your own personal things you would take on any holiday or break
  • bedding like sheets or sleeping bags and pillow cases
  • bath towels, bath mats, hand towels and tea towels
  • your own food and drinks

There are spare blankets there and electric blankets on the beds. Please don't sleep with electric blankets switched on.

There are spare towels and bath towels, but if you use them you need to wash and fold them before you leave.
Please don't take them home
and ask one of the Trustees to return them.

Dress for the season - it can be lovely and warm and then it can get very cold - the temperature can change quickly and the wind off the mountains bitter. The nights can be very cold and drop below zero. Kiwi's know that typical NZ weather is unpredictable, so packing warm clothing even in our summer is not such a bad thing. Having said that, a Heat Pump was installed in May 2019 and is proving itself as a good investment!

To check the weather in Taupo, check out either Metservice.com or NZ City which goes into more daily detail. Weather Underground displays data from a personal weather station in Taupo when it is online (not so often).

For groceries and consumables, remember that things at Taupo will tend to be a little (sometimes a lot) more expensive than other areas. Bring what you need or can. There are two service stations and general stores just down the road (Caltex and Challenge) - for the "forgotten" and important things - like the newspapers and milk. There is a New World supermarket at Turangi next to the Shell Service Station.

The house fridge has a small freezer unit, so feel free to bring frozen foods, and remember to take your frozens away with you. There is a BBQ in the garage for your use. The Caltex at Te Rangi-ita or the Challenge Service Station at Orouatua can refill the gas bottle if it needs it.

There is a DVD player and a 32 inch Digital TV that has HDMi and other points for external devices.

There is a small selection of cards, games and jigsaw puzzles for children and adults.

What we expect from our guests

  • Please treat our house like your own. Leave it the way you found it, so others can enjoy it.
  • No smoking in the house or on the section.
  • No pets in the house or even on the section.
  • In return for our relatively cheap rates, please vacuum, clean the bathroom, and if you have used them the BBQ, oven and boat. Wipe up the condensation on the window sills.
  • If you break something, or something needs repair - let us know as soon as you can, so we can get it sorted (maybe while you're still there) or for the next people to use the house.
  • Conserve water - especially in the summer. There is only rain water and if it does run out, the house can't be used by others.
  • From 1 March 2017, the lawns will be mown as needed by Ross Hamilton (No. 28).
  • Feel free to use the boat, but make sure you have a current ramp permit. If you use it and lose it, you will be asked to replace it. If you fish, make sure you have the right licences - for the same reason. There is no outboard motor available for our guests.
  • If the trailer needs a new WoF - please let us know. There are no places doing WoF inspections 'south of Taupo' in the weekends (If you can get one done during the week, we will happily refund you for that cost).

Rubbish and Recycle Information from the Taupo District Council website