Who Can Stay At Te Moe

Who can use it ?

Generally we require that anyone wanting to use the house knows one of the Te Moe Trustees, or knows someone in one of the Trustees families who can vouch for you. This applies to both NZ folks and folks from outside of NZ.

However, if you know someone who is one of our regular house visitors, someone who can give you a good reference and guarantee or character, feel free to apply.

How do I find out if it is available ?

Please note that public holidays and school holiday periods are often booked early, and that the Te Moe Trust families have first option for any booking or application made. Trust families usually get first choice, but we won't cancel any existing booking for family. Cancellations would only be made for reasons of maintenance or damage preventing occupation.

We also only make public or 'non trustee' bookings three months in advance.

To check if Te Moe is available, you need to make an application giving your name, who you are, who you know in the Te Moe trust or who referred you, your contact details, the dates you would like to use the house and the number of people in your group. Please note that we only allow seven people to stay in the house overnight.

What is expected of users ?

There is a list of things that we would expect people to follow on the What To Take page. They are simple things that most people would normally do with their own houses. People damaging or not reporting damage would not be asked to visit again.

What are the costs ?

We have a basic per day rate of $65 - this is for a midday arrival to a midday departure.

We also have a weekend getaway rate of $140 for Midday on Friday to midnight on Sunday. This option may not be available during peak periods, school holidays and other long weekend holidays.

These rates are subject to change and any price will be confirmed when your booking is accepted by the Te Moe Trust.

If you have any other questions before you book, use our feedback form, or email us at temoehouse@gmail.com

So how do I apply ?

Fill in the form ! Click here to begin your escape and enjoy our small piece of paradise!